2012: New Year Resolution?

As I was spending time with God in the last few moments of 2011, I was asking my focus should be in 2012. I thought about what people would be posting on their Facebook accounts in a few moments time; new year resolutions would no doubt be quite prominent.

The verse from Revelation 21:5 came to my mind, the words of Jesus, “Behold, I am making all things new…” (incidentally my wedding verse). The burden upon my heart was that whilst making resolutions may be helpful, ultimately, the only agent of real change is Jesus. We make and break promises, resolutions, commitments all the time. But thanks be to God, His promise, His commitment to His people is unfailing.

The application is both simple yet profound. Simple because it entails trust, faith. Profound because it’s active trust, living faith. I am trusting God for His renewal in my life, my marriage, family, my ministry, my work etc. And because I believe, I will pray, I will rise up and work.

As I stepped into church for the 1st service of 2012, Pastor Simon Murphy began service by quoting from, guess what, Revelation 21:5. And his exhortation was precisely the burden of my heart. God is the One whom we trust for change, renewal. There is but One foundation, One Savior, One hope that will not fail us… His name is Jesus.


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